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Who We Are

We are the largest Special Event Medical Services company located in Ventura  County and provide services to Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties. We specialize in providing the highest quality pre-hospital emergency medical care at competitive sporting events, fairs, concerts, community events, as well as non-union T.V. and motion picture film locations. We are based in Westlake Village, California and provide services throughout the tri-county area.

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Medical Cart and Trailer


What is Special Event Medical Services?

Special Event Medical Services (S.E.M.S.) is a term signifying a specialized team of professions in the emergency medical field who provide pre-hospital medical care to participants and spectators at Special Events and Mass Gatherings. FEMA defines a Special Event as "a non-routine activity within a community that brings together a large number of people." A Mass Gathering is a sub-set of a Special Event, such as a concert held during a county fair.




What Type of Special Events Do We Cover?

High School Football Games
High School Soccer Games
Pop Warner Football Games
A.Y.S.O. Soccer Games
Fairs & Festivals
Movie & T.V. Film Locations
Street Fairs and Community Events
Marathons, 10k & 5K races
Cycling Races
Mud Runs
Political Events


Event Medical Standby



Special Event Ambulance


What Type of Medical Care Do We Provide?

We are an EMT AED Service Provider licensed by the Emergency Medical Services Agency of Ventura County, which authorizes our EMT's to carry and use AED's for cardiac emergencies. Our certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) provide Basic Life Support (BLS), which includes evaluating and treating the ill and injured, obtaining vital signs, performing CPR and using an AED, administer oxygen, use mechanical airways and suctioning devices, use manual ventilating devices, control bleeding, perform spinal immobilization, splint extremities , traction splinting, administer oral glucose for diabetic emergencies, and assist patients with physician-prescribed nitroglycerin, epinephrine devices, inhalers and nebulizers.




What Type of Medical Equipment Do We Provide?

First Responder Golf Cart Ambulance
Adhesive bandages
4x4 sponges
Full Size Type III Ambulance
Instant cold packs
Gauze rolls
Oxygen tank and regulator
Triangular slings
Blood pressure cuffs
Elastic bandages
Cohesive sport wraps
Pulse oximeter
Cervical collar
Sports tape
Manual suction device
Gluecose (15 gr)
Oropharyngeal airway
Bag-valve mask
Cold spray
N.P.A airways
Event Medical Standby




Tactical Medics

Tactical MedicalTactical medicine involves emergency medical care provided to victims in a hostile environment, such as an active shooting or other criminal or terrorism event. While tactical medicine used to be reserved for military and law enforcement (e.g. SWAT) units, modern times have seen multiple casualties and fatalities from mass shootings at large outdoor events such as concerts.   As a result of recent mass shootings in this country, there has been a major change in recognizing the needs for EMS to become integrated with law enforcement into the initial response to an active shooting before SWAT arrives. The result has been the creation of the Rescue Task Force concept, which integrates private and fire-based EMS medical providers with first-responding law enforcement to perform triage, emergent care and casualty extrication in the "warm zone" before SWAT arrives. Because FEMA has identified Special Events as potential targets of terrorism, several of our medics have undergone specialized tactical medicine training to provide emergency medical care to victims of an active shooting to stop bleeding through the use of tourniquets and hemostatic agents to increase survival rates from an active shooting.   Our tactical medics are available for concerts, T.V. and movie locations where firearms and explosives are used, and political events where VIP's and elected officials are scheduled to attend.  Having our medics who have tactical medicine training at your event will provide the event sponsors with the peace of mind that if the worst happens, our medics are trained to immediately go to work even before public safety resources arrive.

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About Ventura County Event Medical Standby

President/CEO: Alex "Trey" Robertson, IV
Trey Robertson has more than 30 years of experience as a trial attorney handling general liability and related insurance litigation, as well as counseling large corporate clients on risk management issues.  Trey’s experience as a youth football coach and Health & Safety Director for a youth football chapter in Ventura County gave him the idea to form Ventura County Event Medical Standby, LLC.

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