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Tactical Medics

Tactical MedicalTactical medicine involves emergency medical care provided to victims in a hostile environment, such as an active shooting or other criminal or terrorism event. While tactical medicine used to be reserved for military and law enforcement (e.g. SWAT) units, modern times have seen multiple casualties and fatalities from mass shootings at large outdoor events such as concerts.   As a result of recent mass shootings in this country, there has been a major change in recognizing the needs for EMS to become integrated with law enforcement into the initial response to an active shooting before SWAT arrives. The result has been the creation of the Rescue Task Force concept, which integrates private and fire-based EMS medical providers with first-responding law enforcement to perform triage, emergent care and casualty extrication in the "warm zone" before SWAT arrives. Because FEMA has identified Special Events as potential targets of terrorism, several of our medics have undergone specialized tactical medicine training to provide emergency medical care to victims of an active shooting to stop bleeding through the use of tourniquets and hemostatic agents to increase survival rates from an active shooting.   Our tactical medics are available for concerts, T.V. and movie locations where firearms and explosives are used, and political events where VIP's and elected officials are scheduled to attend.  Having our medics who have tactical medicine training at your event will provide the event sponsors with the peace of mind that if the worst happens, our medics are trained to immediately go to work even before public safety resources arrive.

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