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What is Special Event Medical Services?

Special Event Medical Services (S.E.M.S.) is a term signifying a specialized team of professions in the emergency medical field who provide pre-hospital medical care to participants and spectators at Special Events and Mass Gatherings.  FEMA defines a Special Event as "a non-routine activity within a community that brings together a large number of people."  A Mass Gathering is a sub-set of a Special Event, such as a concert held during a county fair.

Special Events


Special Events include competitive sporting events, concerts, fairs and other planned community events which require additional planning, preparedness, and mitigation efforts of local EMS resources and public safety agencies. We follow the guidelines established by the American College of Emergency Physicians, "Provision of Emergency Medical Care for Crowds" and FEMA's "Special Events Contingency Planning Manual" in addition to the published protocols and policies of the local EMS agencies which regulate our scope of practice.


Special Event Medical Services

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