Onsite Medics

What Type of Medical Care Do We Provide?

Cucussion Testing

We are an EMT AED Service Provider licensed by the Emergency Medical Services Agency of Ventura County, which authorizes our EMT's to carry and use AED's for cardiac emergencies.  Our certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) provide Basic Life Support (BLS), which includes evaluating and treating the ill and injured, obtaining vital signs, performing CPR and using an AED, administer oxygen, use mechanical airways and suctioning devices, use manual ventilating devices, control bleeding, perform spinal immobilization, splint extremities , traction splinting, administer oral glucose for diabetic emergencies, and assist patients with physician-prescribed nitroglycerin, epinephrine devices, inhalers and nebulizers.

Ventura County Eventy Medical Standby | Phone: 818-851-3867