Onsite Medics

Why Do I Need Event Medical Services?

Have you ever attended a sporting event and watched an injured athlete lying on the field and wondered, "Why isn't somebody doing something?" It's a situation that is unnerving to fans and event organizers alike. Hiring an ambulance to standby at your event can cost more than a thousand dollars, even more if they transport a patient to the hospital. The role of a standby ambulance is to do just that – standby to transport a patient to the hospital, not be proactive or interact with the crowd.  If you dial 911 and wait for EMS to arrive, it can seem like an eternity to the person injured, parents and spectators. Response times for EMS can vary greatly, depending upon unit availability, traffic, weather, and your location.  Relying upon the event medical services (EMS) system to evaluate an injured athlete or spectator can result in unnecessary and costly ambulance bills. 

Having Ventura County Event Medical Standby on-site, you can reduce liability through sound risk management techniques, eliminate unnecessary ambulance bills, and send a message to your event participants that you care about their health and safety.  Many insurance companies and municipalities require on-site medical services as a condition to insuring such events.

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